Manufacturing & Process Development

As your manufacturing partner, we can support you throughout the drug development lifecycle

CritiTech manufactures non-GMP and cGMP materials using its Spray Drying Technology and Supercritical Precipitation Technology.  We have separate facilities for cytotoxic and non-cytotoxic drug production and numerous manufacturing suites.Our manufacturing services are supported and reviewed by an experienced, in-house team of quality experts.

Manufacturing Services

  • Manufacturing Process Development & Validation
  • Manufacturing Scale-Up
  • Batch Record Creation
  • Cleaning Method Development & Validation
  • CMC Support Services
  • Milligrams to Hundreds of Kilograms Production Scale

If your company has existing Spray Drying processing parameters from a Buchi or Mobile Minor, they are compatible with and can easily be transferred to CritiTech for production at our facilities.

Types of Material

  • Cytotoxic Compounds
  • Non-Cytotoxic Compounds
  • Potent Compounds Down to OEL >0.03 µg/m3
  • DEA Schedule II-V Compounds